Friday, April 7, 2017

I don't think we are super heros; but if I were.. Lady Rainbow!!

           "Storms come, storms rage, storms never stay.
     Storms destroy, storms defile, but one thing remains."

       Even in the midst of rain, and clouded vision and hail and winds so torrential they knock you to the ground; there is something so strong, so grounded. This of which I speak is faith.

        One could even say hope.

         Hope for an end, hope for the sun, for something to shelter you.

        Many folk love storms and rain and winds, I know I do. After while though, one can only enjoy them for so long before he begins to resist and desire for light and serenity.

         After a while, we all desire sunshine

       To our benefit the sun always does return; and sometimes more radiant and more notable. 
           Though, the length of time that the storm rages differs. This, I believe is where we can undoubtedly lose faith, spiraling down into loss of hope and possibly despair. 

           Hope is so hard.  We are not super heroes (though I know some who beg to differ ;), we do not have the ability to see what is not in front of us. This is what makes faith so difficult. It is extraordinary when one can grasp the concept. And it is crucial to waiting out the storm.

            I really do not have much advice to give on the subject and I definitely don't have " 5 quick tips to faith and hope".
But I can say, quality work takes quality time. So, if you really want something, you should be willing to wait for it. If you begin putting things at God's hands and giving him everything; everything you're meant to have will happen. Perhaps not right away, perhaps not till the last months of your life. Or perhaps, it will be so, but not in the manner you imagined. 

             So I guess; be a team player. You need to give God room to work, to infiltrate your life. He won't enter your house if you don't open the door. Invite him, then let him be himself. Give him time.

                No matter how long a storm lasts, even a hurricane, they come to an end. There may be destriction and unthinkable debree and damage, but do not let that scare you. The sun will arise and plants will grow again and the puddles will evaporate. The sun maybe can't pick up the pieces of your broken house, or the trees toppled on the power lines, but it will give you light to lead the way; to show you what you must do to help what He will do be done.

 ( yay for run on sentences!)

               Another fantastic thing is rainbows.  They don't come about except after a storm.

             Maybe not embrace the storms, but accept them.

                          ( if you can make sense from this post I applaud you. It's a bit of a jumble, I will admit.)
                              God Bless,

Friday, February 17, 2017

Shiver me timbers;and the benefit of the doubt shouldn't be forgotten

the days are really cold.
And, the funny thing is, is that the actual temperature isn't dreadfully cold in and of itself.
It's me. All me. It is how I feel it.
The folk around me don't shiver, but I am freezing. Isn't it odd? It actually is kinda neat.
So neat. That us, people, as a whole, can be together, living on this planet, or even here, in the very same room, and yet we feel and see things differently.

(this is my sheepie, Providence is his name.)

How oddly amazing.
It really has made me stop and think. Made me think about stuff.

It really makes you think about perspective and just that one never really knows everything about a situation.
Brings me to the topic of humility. Knowing and understanding that you DON'T know everything. Giving others the benefit of the doubt.
It is hard. It's a hard lesson to learn.
I know. 'Cause I struggle with that, but I am working on it.
We all should.

So, in the meantime. Lots of tea and hoodies and avoiding the outdoors. I just cannot wait until this spring weather to arrive. Tulips and all. Tweets in the morning and green grass in the wind. This longing, oh gracious. It'll come.

God Bless,
(excuse the mess. I'm in the long and tedious process of redoing my blog.)